Wisconsin Wen Wu School of T'ai Chi Chuan

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†††††† Tíai Chi Chuan

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T'ai Chi Class

Taoist Yoga (Stretching) &

Guang Ping Yang T'ai Chi Chuan (Kuang Ping Yang T'ai Chi Chuan)

Thursdays 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Stretching is required for Tíai Chi and Qi Gong

Classes are Free and open to the public

T'ai Chi Chuan

Guang Ping Yang Tíai Chi Chuan is a Yang Family Tíai Chi.

Tíai Chi is an exercise system for improved health, balance, strength, aids in stress reduction and relaxation. Tíai Chi is also a moving Meditation and a Martial Art. The Tíai Chi form is practiced is a slow, relaxed fashion, taught one movement at a time and each movement can be modified for those with physical limitations.

If you are in a hurry, this may not be for you.


To learn more come to class!


Names of 64 Tíai Chi Movements

1. Strike Palm; Ask Buddha

2. Grasp Birdís Tail

3. Single Whip

4. White Crane Cools Wings

5. Brush Knee, Twist Step

6. Step Back, Deflect, Parry and Punch

7. Step Up, Push Forward

8. Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain

9. Punch Under Elbow

10. Withdraw, Repulse Monkey

11. Scrape Palm, Slanting Flight

12. Left and Right Raise Hand

13. Flying Pull Back, Move Up

14. Fan Through Arm

15. Green Dragon Leaps from the Water

16. Turn Body, Step Up, Grasp Birdís Tail

17. Single Whip

18. Hands Drift Like Clouds

19. High Pat the Horse

20. Left and Right, Separate Foot

21. Turn Body, Kick with Heel

22. Wind Waves Lotus Leaves

23. Finger Block, Punch

24. Turn Body, Jump Kick

25. Step In, Deflect, Parry and Punch

26. Retreat, Cover Body

27. Toe Kick to Face

28. Turn Body, Kick with Heel

29. Step In, Deflect, Parry and Punch

30. Apparent Closing Up

31. Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain (II)

32. Pull Down, Press Forward

33. Diagonal Single Whip

34. Part Wild Horseís Mane

35. Diagonal Single Whip

36. Beautiful Maiden Weaves Shuttle

37. Turn Body, Grasp Birdís Tail

38. Single Whip

39. Hands Drift Like Clouds

40. Single Whip, Moving Down

41. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

42. Withdraw, Repulse Monkey

43. Scrape Palm, Slanting Flight

44. Left and Right Raise Hands (II)

45. Flying Pull Back, Move Up

46. Fan Through Arms

47. Two Winds Blast Ears

48. Cannon Through Shy

49. Single Whip

50. Hands Drift Like Clouds

51. Single Whip

52. High Pat on Horse (II)

53. Cross Wave of Lotus

54. Downward Punch

55. Step Up, Grasp Birdís Tail

56. Single Whip

57. Hands Drift Like Clouds

58. Single Whip Move Down

59. Step Up, Form Great Bear Constellation

60. Retreat, Ride Tiger

61. Slant Body, Wring the Moon

62. Wave Lotus Foot

63. Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger

64. Left and Right Grasp Birdís Tail

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